Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Tournament, Saturday, November 4, 2017

Get Hooked…In Taylor County Florida, Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Tournament. the tournament will be held on November 4, 2017.

Guaranteed Payout! $2,500 in Cash & Prizes
Call 850-584-5366 for more information! Click link for application and more information! … Visit Website

Here’s some professional advice about fishing the Taylor County shoreline for this tournament:

  1.  Pay attention to the tides.  On November 4, the tide will be extremely (-1.0 below mean low water) at about 8:30Am, so plan accordingly.  Launching at Keaton Beach should be no issue, but Yates and Dallus creeks may be dry.  An option to the deeper water at Keaton Beach is Hagens Cove, south of Keaton Beach.  The tide will come in quickly after the low (unless there’s an easterly or northeasterly wind) and the close to shore fishing will improve as the tide rises.  However, plan ahead and remember that you must be at Walter B’s for the weigh-in at 3PM, just about the time of the high tide!
  2. On low water, look for holes to fish.  If you can get there, and it’s cold, the deep hole near the mouth of Dallus Creek will probably have some trout in it.  There, bounce GULP! shrimp rigged to light jig heads off the bottom.  Also, as the tide rises, try the coastline outside the creek, up towards Clay Creek for reds.
  3. Oyster Creek runs into the Gulf just south of Hagens Cove and north of Piney Point.  Depending on the tide, it may be deep enough to hold redfish, especially on the rising tide.  Make long casts with topwater plugs like MirrOlure Top Dogs and if it’s not too cold, you might want to get out or your kayak and wade.  Kayaks are stealthy, but feet are quieter!
  4. As the tide begins to rise, fish for reds on the incoming side of the oyster bars at Yates Creek.  There’s a good launch just upstream.  Cast a shrimp (D.O.A. or live), rigged under a cork, out to the west and let the tide wash it back towards the bar.
  5. Launch from the beach or boat ramp at Keaton Beach, and thenhead straight out the canal towards Cedar Island and fish along the private channel edges.  Lures like D.O.A. shrimp or MirrOlure Catch 2000’s will attract a bite here.  This is an easy paddle that has potential for lots of big seatrout.

Good Luck–And Good Fishing!

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