Great Southern Biscuit Company Opens New Location in High Springs, Florida

It’s often said that it takes a brave (and sometimes foolish) individual to open a new restaurant.  As a food writer for Florida Sportsman magazine, I sometimes receive invitations to try new restaurants, and on many occasions they’ve closed before I get there.  I’m happy to say that what follows may be a success story!

The “original” Great Southern Biscuit Company is located in “downtown” Mayo at 152 W. Main St., the county seat of rural Lafayette County.  An old bank building next to the courthouse was converted into a small, cozy dining room, attached to a coffee bar and a small kitchen.  Owner Bart Byrd could always be found baking or making delicious sandwiches or entrees for his customers.

Recently, Great Southern Biscuit Company has expanded, with a second, larger location in downtown High Springs on Hwy 27 in a strip shopping center.  High Springs is busier than Mayo, and the restaurant is a welcome addition to the restaurant community there.  Not only is High Springs closer to Gainesville, it’s also a hub for folks visiting local springs (Ginnie Springs, Blue Springs State Park, Poe Springs, Rum Island Spring) or the Santa Fe River.  



In addition to the original menu, the selections at the High Springs location are expanded.  There are more entrees, breakfast plates, and desserts.  The new location is open from 7AM to 10PM daily.


Owner Bart Byrd with a tray of his GREAT southern biscuits. Don’t miss them!