Grace Manor Bed and Breakfast, in Historic Greenville, Florida

Grace Manor B&B, in Historic Greenville, Florida



Before I extol the beauty and comfort of Grace Manor B&B, a few words about Greenville.  Located between Monticello and Madison on US90, Greenville was an early rail hub for a booming forest products industry.  In fact, it was at one time a larger town than either Monticello or Madison, the Madison County seat.  But times, and fortunes, change, and the town is now just a “wide spot”.  However, its location on US90 (and just 2 miles from I-10) makes it a quiet place to stay while exploring this part of Natural North Florida.





Grace Manor Inn started life as the Bishop Hotel and was renamed the Andrews Hotel.  It remained in operation until 1954, housing teachers, businessmen and travelers.  Now, it’s the center of community life in Greenville.  While you’re staying at Grace Manor, you’ll enjoy not only the wide veranda, a relaxing sunroom, a formal dining room, as well as a modern swimming pool.  There are 4 sleeping rooms available on the house’s second floor.  All are beautifully appointed, with baths.  Just the place for a relaxing evening–or a longer stay!







In addition to the rooms in the inn, there’s a fully-furnished guest house, with kitchen, that’s perfect for longer stays and family groups.










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