Get Your Seafood Dinner “Fresh From The Shrimp Boat Restaurant” in Horseshoe Beach

As one of the locals told me, “It don’t get no fresher”.  And despite the grammar, when you know your seafood was recently swimming in local waters, that’s all that counts.


The Shrimp Boat isn’t hard to find.  It’s on Main Street (the MAIN street!!) just across from the boat ramp.  There’s plenty of parking out front, or in back. And, if you’re staying at any of the condos, it’s just a short walk.


Local seafood comes from local boats and local fishermen.


The Shrimp Boat has an extensive menu, including some “land deals” for landlubbers.  But while some may want to eat pasta or burgers, the big deal here is the seafood.  And,, if you’re like me, you’re “allergic to seafood, unless it’s fried”.  The folks here do an exceptional job with the deep fryer on shrimp, fish and of course scallops (they’ll cook your catch!)


The Shrimp Boat is open Monday thru Saturday, 11Am until 9PM and Sundays, 11AM until 8PM.

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