Gainesville’s Downtown Farmers’ Reopens at Bo Diddley Plaza, March 2016


It’s been a while since Gainesville’s Downtown Farmers’ Market was at Bo Diddley Community Plaza, 117 East University Avenue.  While the Plaza was being renovated, the market moved to an alternate site, a bit further from the center of the city.  But, now it’s reopened and Wednesday afternoons (4-7PM) it’s the hub of downtown food, entertainment and family activities.


In addition to fruits, veggies, meat, fish and baked goods, the Wednesday afternoon Farmers’ Market has live entertainment on stage at the newly renovated Bo Diddley Plaza.


Steamer’s is now open at Bo Diddley Plaza, serving unique sandwiches and Indonesian curry rice specialties!




Unique meats, fish and fowl are available at the Downtown Farmers’ Market, as are local fruits and vegetables, and tasty baked goods.


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