For a Mix of Relaxed and Action-Packed, Think Jellystone

We had them at “waterslide.”

My son and his best friend are squarely in the tween set now, as they’re starting middle school in the fall. Suddenly, it’s not that cool to play on playgrounds, watch cartoons or do the kind of kid stuff I happily enjoyed until I was at least 13. Or 16. Or maybe 21.

Nevertheless, when we arrived at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort in Madison, all traces of teen pretension disappeared in an all-out race to throw themselves down the waterslide, goof around at mini-golf, splash in the lake and pool and even enter the bubble-blowing contest, working their bubble gum with laser intensity in an effort to win.

Jellystone is that kind of place — where kids can forget about Facebook and hairstyles for a while and just enjoy being kids.

Paddle boats, putt-putt and planned activities add to the fun of just hanging out in your cabin, tent or RV or enjoying a picnic lunch at the lake. When you want to relax and hold down part of the sandy beach, you can. When the kids are restless and looking for excitement, there’s always something going on, as evidenced by the schedule below.

Movies, games, scavenger hunts, and of course, the waterslide keep kids and parents just the right amount of busy. Check back for a post on the cabins available at Jellystone, which make camping accessible — and a family vacation affordable — even for those who would never set foot in a tent.

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