Favorite and Free Springs–Neighborhood Swimmin’ Holes in Natural North Florida

Our Natural North Florida region has some wonderful springs!  Many are in State Parks (Madison Blue, White Springs, Ichetucknee, Fanning Springs, Manatee Springs, Troy Springs, Lafayette Blue, and Peacock Springs, for example) and are a bargain to enter.  Others are in private parks, some dedicated to SCUBA diving and snorkeling (Devils Den, Blue Grotto) and others to swimming (Bronson Blue, Ginnie Springs, Hart Springs, Convict Springs and Otter Springs).  All of these private springs have entry fees.

However, we also have a number of no-charge springs run by counties that are as much fun.  Some are small, all are clean and clear, and all are lots of fun.  They’re just plain “swimmin’ holes’.  Here are a few favorites:


The spring at Little River Park, in Suwannee County, is not a typical round sink. It’s seam makes if fun for swimmers of all ages!


Branford Spring is located at the edge of the Suwannee River, just a few yards from US28 in Ivey Park


Royal Spring is located near O’Brien in Suwannee County.  It’s just a short drive from US27 and Branford


Poe Springs, an Alachua County Park, is located on the Santa Fe River, just outside High Springs.  The park was completely rebuilt in 2019!


Wacissa Springs, the headspring of the Wacissa River, is in a small county park in Jefferson County, and is a favorite of locals (and visitors!)


Rum Island Spring, on the Santa Fe River in southern Columbia County is a local favorite!