Fanning Springs Easily Accessed By Boat From The Suwannee River

A short trip up the spring run to the dock at Fanning Springs State Park can bring you the best of two worlds.  One, tour the scenic Suwannee River and two, swim in the cool crystal clear waters of one of Florida’s biggest freshwater springs.  There are good boat ramps downstream from Fanning Springs at Fowlers Bluff (on the south side of the river) and at Yellowjacket on the north side.  Upstream, there’s a good launch near Hart Springs.  And if you don’t want to make a long boat trip (or are launching a canoe or kayak), there’s a public ramp just across the river from the spring run, just downsteam from the north side of the US19/98 bridge.



There’s not much dockage, but two or three boats can comfortably tie up to the floating dock that crosses the spring run.  There’s a modest charge ($2 per person) if you plan to swim in the spring or use the park’s amenities (picnic tables, rest rooms, snack bar).

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