Family Fun at Suwannee River Rendezvous

What’s there to do at the Rendezvous?

How about:

Rent a canoe or kayak

Play volleyball

Swing on a tire swing

Swim or snorkel in the spring

Explore the banks of the Suwannee

Try your luck at fishing (license available in the lodge)

Look for jumping sturgeon

Eat at Grandma Susie’s Cookin’ Shack

Watch the video of divers exploring the cave beneath the spring

Visit the henhouse

Sing karaoke or listen to live music in the lodge

Gather around a campfire

Explore the nearby springs

Play with Charlie, the friendliest dog in Mayo

Whether you come for a weekend getaway, a family reunion or just a night away from it all, you won’t run out of things to do at Suwannee River Rendezvous.

2 comments on “Family Fun at Suwannee River Rendezvous

  • I love your post. We are from Ga. but have a place on the Suwannee River in Dixie County, about 3 miles upstream from Fanning Springs. We always pass by a sign saying Convict Spring and always wondered about it and how it looked. Now we know. Thanks!

  • Getting ready to hit the Suwannee again Thurs. – Mon. Hope we don’t get poured rain on while we are out. But of course it’s happened several times before. Can’t wait to get back to the nature and beauty.

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