Enjoy Your R/V Adventure Along The Mighty Suwannee River

There are more options than just parking your R/V or setting up camp along the shores of the mighty Suwannee River.  Florida’s longest unobstructed (no dams or locks) river begins its journey in the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia and flows over 200 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. For the most part, the river is deep and wide and well suited to cruising, fishing or just watching.  Several of the campgrounds along the river’s banks offer boat rentals, and others have launching facilities for visitors who choose to travel with their own powerboats, kayaks or canoes.


Yellow Jacket R/V Campground, between Old Town and the town of Suwannee, offers boat rentals to their guests

As one travels alongside the Suwannee River, starting at White Springs, there are a number of private and public R/V parks with a variety of services.  Some, like public Stephen Foster State Park, at White Springs, offer all sorts of camping options.  Other parks, like Hart Springs and Otter Springs , are county maintained.  And many, like Yellow Jacket and Suwannee River Rendezvous, are family operated and privately maintained.


R/V’ers and tent campers are welcome at the Spirit of the Suwannee Park, near Live Oak, in Suwannee County


Enjoy Paddling in one of the our campgrounds with spring-fed river runs.


Be sure to bring your bike. Many of our parks offer bike trails, or convenient access to some of our Natural North Florida bike trails.


Don’t stay inside your R/V when our weather is spectacularly beautiful. Get outside and have a picnic in one of our many public parks. This grove of trees at Manatee Springs State Park is cool, even on hot days!

There’s an excellent tool on the NaturalNorthFlorida.com website that will allow you to search for campgrounds and to learn about their amenities.