Eat at Ike’s Old Florida Kitchen at the Izaak Walton Lodge in Yankeetown

Eat at Ike’s Old Florida Kitchen at the Izaak Walton Lodge in Yankeetown

by Capt. Tommy Thompson on Feb.02, 2012, under Yankeetown and Waccasassa

Mitch and Lorraine Simmons have recently opened up a restaurant in the long-closed Izaak Walton Lodge in Yankeetown.  The menu looks great, and I’m sure the food’s as good as in their other restaurants.  It’s been a long while since there was anything of note to eat in Yankeetown and lots of good positive reviews are coming in.  Give it a try the next time you’re looking for a nice lunch or dinner.

Ike’s Old Florida Kitchen at Izaak Walton Lodge
Open Wednesday through Sunday 11am to 9pm

First built in 1924 by A.F. Knotts, the lodge hosted many of his wealthy northern friends, and even a president or two. These visits by “Yankees” led to the tongue-in-cheek reference to Yankeetown, a name later adopted formally. Other celebrities to frequent the lodge included the legendary Ted Williams who retired to the area and came often to enjoy the lodge’s famous pan-fried grouper – an item still on the menu.

5 comments on “Eat at Ike’s Old Florida Kitchen at the Izaak Walton Lodge in Yankeetown

  • Barbara Blake says:

    Went to Izaak Walton restaurant for second anniversary dinner yesterday, Sunday, about 4:30 a little ahead of our reservation time. The hostess/manager a tall, blonde woman was nice enough to seat us early a there were mostly vacant tables. The view was great but the blaring New Orleans Dixieland music was way loud, and repeated the same CD over and over. We heard “Hello Dolly” three or four times during the course of our meal. I asked the Manager about live music, as I am a jazz performer and have played at many high end eateries, but she said it bothered some customers.

    There was a nice young male waiter who was on his first day or so. He was great. But my New York strip steak was so tough I could hardly cut it. My companion’s blackened fish was a disappointingly small portion. But we were in such a good mood…we enjoyed a couple of mojitos, which helps! The coffee we were served after dinner and with dessert was old, burned coffee, which we sent back with apologies from the waiter. Some fresh was made, which he brought out. We spent about $70 for the two of us; not a huge tab, but it seemed very high for the bad music, bad steak, skimpy fish portion, and stale coffee. Hope this comment gets to the owners…….not just the manager. We wouldn’t recommend anyone to go there after our experience, and as a former restaurant owner, I know what management can do to your business.
    I sincerely hope my report of our experience is taken in the spirit it is offered.
    Would like to see the restaurant be successful. Yours truly, Barbara Robbie Blake

  • Barbara,

    Thank you for your comments, I will forward them on to the Izaak Walton. I’m sorry you did not have a better experience, I’ve been there several times and had a wonderful dinner. Everyone has an off night occasionally, hopefully this was simply one of those.

    Best wishes,

    Visit Natural North Florida

  • enid luchetti says:


  • Dress code for New Years Eve not suggested on phone
    when reservation for 2 made. Was seated at a table
    for 6 with another couple we did not know. We
    were seated first and then the other couple about
    5 minutes later. Limited menu with no options for
    side items 2 salads with whipped potatoes with main
    entree appetizer and desert for $50.00 dollars
    a person. The couple that were seated after us
    were waited on and they got there drinks and were
    asked what there choice was on the menu before we waited as far as drinks. I guess you should not wear
    jeans on New Years Eve.

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