Crane Viewing at Payne’s Prarie!

Cranes Flying Over the Prarie

Now through the end of February, head out ot Payne’s Prarie to get a glimpse of Florida’s real “snow-birds”.  Thousands of migratory sandhill cranes are making their winter home right outside of Gainesville on Payne’s Prarie.  The best times to go are at either sunrise or sunset, as you’re likely to see the most birds flying around.  The cranes have a very distinctive call, and you’re likely to hear them calling back and forth to eachother as they fly overhead.  If you’re lucky, you may even get to see a Whooping Crane or two. 

Even if you’re not a big fan of birdwatching, the prarie offers a great view of the sunset that should not be missed.  So if you find yourself with extra time one evening, head out to Payne’s Prarie to see Florida’s original “snow-birds.”

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