Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve

View of the Gulf at sunset from Cedar Key Scrub

See one of  Florida’s most unique, and most threatened ecosystems at Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve.  Scrub habitats are easy to spot, because they look like a patch of beach or desert even though you’re nowhere near the water.  Scrub habitats resemble mini-islands, because when Florida was still mostly underwater, these bits of scrub are what remained above the waterline.

In scrub habitats, you can see many unique plants that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.  Plants such as Scrub Mint (Dicerandra frutescens), a speices of mint only found in the scrub habitats of North Florida.  Highly Endangered, this plant is only found in a few known sites, and emits a pleasing, minty aroma.

Scrub habitats are few and far between, as these delicate ecosystems are often overlooked and destroyed by construction or other human activity.  Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve offers visitors a chance to view this unique habitat by land or by sea.  The reserve hosts both bike trails and creeks that are great for those who love to canoe or kayak.  Boat Rentals are available in Cedar Key, and if you go, be sure to bring plenty of bug spray!

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