CEDAR KEY GUIDE–Comprehensive Eco-Tourism Guide!

Take a look at this!  CEDAR KEY GUIDE is the most comprehensive Eco-Tourism Guide to Cedar Key ever published–anywhere!  You’ll find information on kayaking from “Tom Yakker” Tom Liebert and on-the-water information from Capt. Doug Maple.  There’s also information on local marine life, events, maps and links to information about this “gem” of a coastal town.

If you’ve not been to Cedar Key, plan a trip there soon.  It’s a bit of “Old Florida” that has in many ways been left behind by “civilization”!  The fishing’s great there, as is the paddling, birdwatching and just plain relaxing!

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  • Cedar Key is a gorgeous location and a must see. Visitors should really add a natural aspect to their vacation in Florida, and this would be a great option along with any of Florida’s nature parks and locations.

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