Blue Highway Pizza in Micanopy

Blue Highway Pizza in Micanopy

I fancy myself quite the pizza connoisseur.  I could enjoy pizza any time of day for most any occasion. Thankfully, Gainesville has no shortage of pizza joints.  I think it is one of the perks of living in a college town.  One of my favorite restaurants in town is Blue Highway.   They have two locations in the area, one in Tioga Town Center on Newberry Road and one in nearby Micanopy.  I am a little partial to the location in Micanopy, because I discovered it first and I love driving through Paynes Prairie on the way there.

Pizza Abruzzese at Blue Highway

At first glance you might think the restaurant is nothing more than a dive on the side of Hwy. 441.  Once you step inside, or sit outside on the patio, you’ll realize that it is a whole lot more.   Most of the ingredients are local, so the salads and appetizers are really fresh. I usually like to start with the Highway Parmesan Cheese Bread topped with garlic. The fresh marinara that’s served on the side is so good I could eat it with a spoon. Blue Highway offers a thin crust pizza and a think ‘Sicilian’ style pizza. Both of them are quite delicious, although I must admit the thick crust pizza is so good it took me a few visits before I was feeling adventurous enough to try the thin crust.   I was not disappointed! My husband loves the meatball calzone and the Tuscan Hummus.   Everything is so good, that as long as we have leftovers the next day, I’m happy.

If you come for dinner on the weekends, arrive a little bit early as it tends to get pretty busy during the dinner ‘rush’.  There are plenty of vegetarian choices and delicious desserts, too. You’ll need to visit Blue Highway more than once to try it all.

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