A Taste of Natural North Florida: Choosing the Perfect Local Honey

From roadside stands to farmer’s markets, you’ll find a variety of local honeys for souvenirs or enjoying during your trip through Natural North Florida. Here’s a look at the varieties you’ll find and what they’re best for, with descriptions from Lake City’s Thomas Honey.

Gallberry: This North Florida original is great in pecan pie and other baked goods as a substitute for sugar or corn syrup.

Clover: One of the more common varieties, clover’s mild flavor makes it a favorite for table use. Try it in hot tea or baking.

Tupelo: Highly prized tupelo honey is known for its slightly yellow-green hue and its resistance to granulating. Try it on pancakes instead of maple syrup, or spread on biscuits for a morning treat.

Orange blossom: Less common in freeze-prone Natural North Florida, orange-blossom honey has a bolder flavor than clover honey, although it can be used at the table. Try it in salad dressings or sauces.

Wildflower: Predominantly produced from palmetto blossoms, this Florida honey has a dark color and rich flavor that can be used as a sugar substitute.

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