A Bit About Tupelo Honey, a Natural North Florida Original

As you’re exploring the backroads of Natural North Florida, you might see a roadside stand – or just a pickup truck – selling tupelo honey. You might also notice that it’s more expensive than grocery-store honey – about $50 a gallon, not that you have to buy so much.

In April and May, tupelo trees along the Chipola and Apalachicola Rivers bloom – the only place in the world where you’ll find them. The greenish honey that’s made from white tupelo blooms won’t granulate as other honeys can do. (Black tupelo, which blooms earlier, will granulate.)

Keep your tupelo treasure at room temperature in a tightly closed jar – it doesn’t like moisture.

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  • We bought tupelo honey from the back of a pickup in the Indian Pass Port St Joe area. We love the honey and have reordered serveral times but we lost the ladies address that we ordered from in No. FL.

    we call her and she sends the honey and we send a ck. Does anyone know this lady.

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