What Makes a Mayhaw a Mayhaw? Find Out in This Video

At Golden Acres Ranch, you’ll find goats, sheep, even bees, but what really gets Southerners’ hearts going pitter-pat is the mayhaws.

When the Goldens bought their property in Monticello, they had no idea it contained a mayhaw pond. It didn’t take long, though, until folks around town pointed it out, drawn in by the promise of that ruby-gold glow that you only see in real mayhaw jelly.

The Goldens began harvesting their crop, and they host a Mayhaw Festival each year. In this video, Bobbi shares some mayhaw lore, including

-the origin of the name mayhaw

-how they’re harvested and used

-how to grow them as a landscape plant

-mayhaw myths…and plenty more.

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