Meet Natural North Florida’s Own “Buck”

There’s been plenty of buzz lately about the documentary “Buck,” a biography of horse whisperer Buck Brannaman. But North Florida has its own Buck, Trey Young of Crawfordville’s 3Y Ranch.

Like Buck, Trey is a master of Natural Horsemanship, where trainers use calm, gentle interactions to introduce a colt to riding or to remediate problem horses. But as Buck says in the documentary, it’s more often about helping horses with people problems than helping people with horse problems. Forget what you’ve heard about “breaking” horses. When Trey works with a colt that’s never taken a saddle before, it’s all about patience, quiet confidence and a soothing demeanor.

Trey Young of 3Y Ranch demonstrates colt starting, in which he gradually gets a horse to calmly accept weight on its back for the first time.

“I don’t want this to be stressful in the slightest,” he says. “I want this to be the best day of this horse’s life.”

You can see Trey in action on The American Horseman Show on Dish Network channel 404, but far preferable is a visit to 3Y, a 500-acre ranch in Wakulla County. Trey has horsemanship clinics coming up, including Oct. 1-2’s “Confidence on the Trail” clinic, and 3Y also hosts private events and boards, grooms and exercises horses.

3Y offers a picturesque setting for benefit events, weddings and parties.
Hanging out at 3Y.

If you’d like to visit 3Y, guests are welcome at Cowboy Country Church on select Thursdays at 7 p.m. Check 3Y’s web site for more upcoming events.

2 comments on “Meet Natural North Florida’s Own “Buck”

  • For Sure!!! It’s all true! I see Trey Young weekly. I have my horse stabled at his ranch. Trey Young “The American Horseman” is awesome with horses. Young, Not So Young, Troubled,”Cause He is The Trouble Shooter”, Shy,” Being afraid of people” And Old and Cranky!!! He does it all 🙂

    Oh! You should see him working cow’s with his partner Ryan too!! AWESOME!!! There’s roping, cutting, You name it, it’s done at 3Y Ranch.

    I feel honored to have my horse stabled at his ranch; and to see Trey Young “The American Horseman” in action.

  • Oh My Goodness!!! I forgot to mention…His Clinics address a Whole Host of Topics. This clinics really get down to the “Nitty Gritty” when it comes to horsemanship, and communication between horse and rider. And the best part is, you can completely understand. And if you have a question, you need not be uncomfortable asking….You will definitly get an understandable answer.

    I’ve learned, If you Are a Seasoned Rider, or If You are A Beginner, or Some where in Between, you can bet, there are always events being scheduled at 3Y Ranch “The Home of “The American Horseman” Trey Young.

    I recommend any horse person to just check this facility out, and ask questions. You will not be sorry you did 🙂

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