The Southern Aquatics Exhibition

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Stone’s Aquatic is proud to sponsor the 1st Aquatic Exhibition to be hosted at Bienville Oct. 4th -6th, 2023. This Aquatic Exhibition will feature a variety of aquatic harvesters, excavators, chemicals, biological treatments, and waterway accessories. Here you will find the answer and solution to any concern or need you have when it comes to waterway cleaning, maintaining, or growing your aquatic business.

Bienville will offer 800 vendor sites (10x20), 250 waterfront sites (40x40), and 10 premier sites (.5 ac). These sites will NOT offer electrical hookup. If you require electrical services, you will need to bring a generator.

Vendor registration will open on Feb. 1, 2023. General admission will be available each day at the gate or can be purchased online once registration opens. Vendor sites purchased will include 3-day admission for 2 people. Waterfront site will include land site, as well as waterway access, to allow for demonstrations. Premier sites will include land site with area available for demonstrations.

The Southern Aquatics Exhibition is an event that focuses on showcasing the latest products, technology, and information related to aquatic life and activities. Visitors to the Aquatic Exhibition can expect to find a wide range of exhibitors, including retailers, manufacturers, and organizations, all of whom will be showcasing their latest products and services. In addition to the exhibits, there will be educational seminars and workshops, as well as equipment demos. The Aquatic Exhibition is a great opportunity for people who are passionate about aquatic life and activities to learn more about the latest developments and to network with other enthusiasts. We will also be showcasing equipment as well as showcasing new and existing companies in this industry.

Dates: October 4-6, 2023