Bethlehem in Monticello

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Bethlehem in Monticello will be presented on December 2nd and 3rd from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.  The pageant will take place on South Water Street behind the Little Angels Preschool and across from the Old Jefferson County High School.  The pageant depicts scenes from the birth of Christ with realistic sites, actors in authentic costumes and live animals, including two camels (Jeremiah and Amazing Grace), a burro, sheep, goats and chickens. In contrast to all the celebrations of the season, this is a quiet meditative walk through the ancient city of Jesus' birth - a Christmas gift to the community of Monticello and all of Florida.  Please call the church office 850-997-5545 if you have questions or can help. Or you may call Billie McClellan 850-997-4741.