Bark in the Park

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Our Friends at Manatee Springs Invite Us to "Bark in the Park" on Saturday, November 3rd 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM. (Actually, WE don't have to bark, but our dogs are welcome to do so.)

Check this flyer about their fun costume contest for our pet dogs. (Note from anonymous ranger: "We're not sure, but this might actually be one of OUR turtles in a dog costume crashing an earlier party, but he couldn't quite come out of his shell. The turtles are known to imitate our armadillos on occasion too. And vice versa.")

This would be a great time to show off that candy collecting Halloween costume again. (Surely you'll have eaten all of it by 3:00 PM Saturday.) While not limited to animal costumes, your Great Dane / Deer will be safe in our refuge. We will let your Chihuahua squirrel keep the nuts he finds and of course, the Wiener dog "snake costume" probably should be a non-venous variety. If Yogi Bear or Boo Boo show up we would appreciate if they stay out of the picnic baskets, but if they do get into them, share the snacks with the rangers stuck at the entrance office. (If we see a picnic basket with furry legs bumping around... we will assume that is an entrant.)

If you don't have a dog, there are a few shelters that would be glad to help you adopt one prior to the event. You will have to provide your own costume though (for the dog).

For more information you may also like to search for @ManateeSpringsCSO on Facebook.

Come on out for a fun day in the bark, I mean park!