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Welcome to your trip planner! A trip planner is a guide that can help you plan out a trip when visiting one of North Florida’s hot spots. A trip planner simplifies your travel-planning process by letting you select things to do, attractions to visit, places to stay and places to eat. Once you completed your trip planner, you now have an itinerary for your trip.

Add Item

There are four types of items that can be added to your trip planner: things to do, places to stay, places to eat and events. Use Visit Natural North Florida's interactive map to add an item to your trip planner by clicking the "add to trip planner button" located on the item's pop-up. This pop-up is found on the right-hand panel of the page.

Add a Day

To add a day to your trip planner, click the "add day" button located on the trip planner page. This can be found at the lower left-hand side of your web page.

Move Trip Items

Drag your trip items between days

Remove a Day or Item

You can remove items from your trip planner by clicking the "X" under the remove column. To remove a day, click the circular red remove button correlating with the day you wish to remove.

Print / Email

To print or email your trip planner, click the "print" or "email" button located at the top of your browser screen. Printed trip planners will be saved in PDF format.


Please note: Using the trip planner tool requires access to your browser's cookies. Additionally, trip planners will only be saved on the computer or browser in which they were created.

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